1992 [Still going]

From her earliest years, Elisa immersed herself in the realm of writing, experimenting with a wide array of styles and genres. As a teenager, she ventured into rap. Her preparatory classes broadened her literary spectrum towards short stories, a field she gradually expanded into erotic writing, which she adores. On her professional path, Elisa has penned portraits of writers for fashion magazines, like her piece on Pierre Souchon for DEDICATE. She has also contributed to highly experimental fashion columns, questioning, for instance, the feasibility of wearing a flamenco dancer's dress to pick up her daughter from school in a small town of 20,000 residents, for the media outlet ALL.I.C. On social media, she shares mini-narratives blending daily observations with bursts of imagination. Gradually, somewhat bewilderingly, Elisa found herself drawn into the world of slam, enriching her creative arc with contributions to a photography book: during the INSTANTS residency at Château Palmer, where Henrike Stahl captured the work of vineyard workers and the transmission of knowledge between generations. What fascinates her is the rhythm, the mix of languages, the non-linearity of voices and words, showcasing her ceaseless quest for literary deconstructions and breakthroughs.

"Dans cette honnêteté-là. J'étais à nu, sans peau de secours, sans reset, sans gilet jaune, et sans masque. " - Elisa Palmer

+33 6 25 56 24 80
Pantin, Paris