Pantin Family

2018 [Still going]

The "Pantin Family" initiative is reshaping how community engagement operates, turning social media interactions into meaningful face-to-face connections. Initiated in 2018 through Facebook to foster community support in Pantin, it swiftly transitioned into a vibrant association. By hosting real-life gatherings and initiatives, it significantly contributes to the local community's well-being. With the aid of 13 volunteers, it now connects 10,000 locals, making it a pivotal element of solidarity within the 93 department. Remarkably, this achievement comes from those who were originally newcomers to the world of non-profit organizations. Standing as a testament to the impact of social entrepreneurship, "Pantin Family" addresses the direct needs of the community. Demonstrating that impactful social change is achievable without prior association management experience, it challenges us to reconsider our methods of interaction, mutual aid, and communal living.

"Pantin Family is the MacGyver of Pantin" - a Pantin resident

+33 6 25 56 24 80
Pantin, Paris