1985 [Still alive]

After completing a degree in history and studies in information and communication at the ENS de Lyon, Elisa diverted from her initial ambition to become a journalist focused on creating portraits, diving instead into the fashion world. She later made strides at the fashion PR agency TOTEM, working with names like Manish Arora, Charlie Le Mindu, and Iris Van Herpen. Socially active, she co-founded the Pantin Family solidarity community in Seine-Saint-Denis in 2018, which now unites 10,000 residents. With a deep passion for writing, particularly slam poetry, she now serves the fashion industry by teaching at specialized schools, sharing her expertise in communication, press relations, marketing (ABM)..., while also working for agencies specializing in social media and influence.

"If you want it, just go for it." - Manish Arora

+33 6 25 56 24 80
Pantin, Paris